Monday, June 27, 2011

Discovering more of Deutschland with friends!

 Here's the girls' apartment! This is a shot of us waiting for some of the local church members to deliver some furniture for our use these last few weeks. They generously supplied a mattress, four chairs, a table, a lamp (notice there's no fixture on the ceiling), and some kitchen stuff. God provides in awesome ways!
Here's the view from the girls' balcony! The building on the right can be found on some postcards here in Jena -- talk about a great location!

The girls' flatmate Xenia and Katie about to cut a cherry pie they made together. Be praying for Xenia these last couple weeks, that Katie and Natasha will be able to speak truth and love into her life.

We barely escaped a sudden rainstorm last week. While waiting in this stairwell, we got to engage another girl who was waiting for the rain to pass. We did a Soularium survey with her and got to here some of her perspectives on spirituality. Pray for Ghazale, that she will continue to ask questions about God and truly seek Him, that she will find true life!

 Natasha and Katie found Dr. Pepper at a local grocery store! A sweet taste of home in Germany!

This past weekend we traveled to Berlin with our friend Jobin. Here's Barrett and Tom trying to figure out where to go next!

Katie, Tom, Barrett, and Jobin in front of the Reichstag, the German parliament building.

Here we are as a team with Jobin in front of the Berliner Dome. It was a great weekend and an awesome time we got to spend with Jobin as he's been stressed recently. Please pray for God's provision and peace as he seeks a new PhD position.

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