Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Here Definitely Revolves Around Food

Here's a fun photo we found from when Brent was with us a couple weeks ago! We were prepping the grill for American-style hamburgers!

Barrett has discovered a great love for original Thuringian bratwurst with mustard. On Tuesday he ate three of them in one evening. :)

Here we are with our friends Michael and Melanie in Michael's garden. He grows cherries, lettuce, onions, carrots, dill, radishes, raspberries, and probably a few more things we can't remember. We went to help him pull weeds and do a little bit of harvesting last week and have gotten to enjoy the fresh produce multiple times! Pray for these believers, that they would grow exponentially and find strength in Christ.

Jobin invited Barrett and Tom over for authentic Indian food last week. They helped him cook japati and dahl (no clue how to spell those), which was very delicious indeed! We have been privileged to spend so much time with and encourage Jobin.

After church on Sunday evenings, a large group likes to go to a local "Mexican" restaurant. The food is good, but not very Mexican. Nevertheless, it's a great time with our friends here to have good conversations.

This is supposedly a quesadilla... Barrett found it to be more like an enchilada. Tomorrow evening we're planning to host a Mexican dinner party with more authentic quesadillas, provided we can find the right ingredients. Pray that we would use this event and others during this last week and a half to make the most of our time here!

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