Friday, June 3, 2011

First Days in Jena

Here is the view of the city from our window! The city is very beautiful! Please pray for the people here. It is a very historical place, known for its visits by Martin Luther and Karl Marx.
This is one of the many churches in the city. Like many of the churches in the city, this is a very old church that is usually empty on Sunday mornings, we were told. It was established in 1,000 A.D!

 Here are a few of the friends we made yesterday. They took us on a hike through the hills. We were able to see the whole city from the top of the hills. It was very beautiful and we had a wonderful time getting to know these new friends.

Katie and I are standing on one of the battlefields fought by Napoleon. There is a monument placed on this hill in his honor. He was loved and hated.

 This is the view of the city from the hills we hiked. It is very beautiful and colorful here!

This is a game our friends taught us how to play yesterday. You can see one of our friends has thrown the stick and is trying to knock over the King (this is the piece you see on the far left-hand side of the photo). It is known as Swedish chess. This is such a fun game! We will definitely have to teach it to you all when we return to the States.

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