Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Another photo from our retreat last weekend. Natasha is with a couple girls from the Connexxion ministry in Braunschweig and Maria on the right, a good friend of ours here in Jena.

Tom and Barrett with their friend Jobin at a memorial to Emperor Barbarrosa. Jobin is a student from India with whom Tom has had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with over the past week or two. Continue to pray that he would catch the vision for making disciples and would be rooted in strong, encouraging community!

Tom with Brent and Marcel. Brent was here this past week with Mike Story, whose whole team was a great encouragement to us. Marcel used to be very involved and committed to Connexxion, but there has been some relational conflict. Pray that our presence might bring peace and reconciliation among the believers here in Jena.

While visiting Erfurt this past week, we saw several old churches, many of which are very empty and lifeless. This on is called Barf├╝sserkirche, literally the Barefoot Church! It has been converted into an open-air theater. I (Tom) especially long to see a re-awakening of the church in Germany and hope to take part in this work in the future!

Daniel (right) has become a good friend as well. Tom met him while Daniel was visiting Oklahoma on a Connexxion vision trip (hence the awesome shirt he's wearing), and had the opportunity to room with him this past week. Praise God for greater depth of friendship and the ability to speak truth into his life!

Here we are outside the Wartburg, the place where Martin Luther translated the Bible into German! Pray that we might bring the truth of God's Word to the German people in a similar way as Luther did -- inviting people to know the Father in a personal, intimate way through the Scripture.

This is most of Mike Story's team, along with Antje (a Connexxion staff member) and Maria (a student we've gotten to spend a good amount of time with). Praise the Father for encouraging times with friends!

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